A woman must know the secret of oil breast health net

remember to cooperate with each other. With both hands, the fingers around the entire breast tissue, each time for 3 seconds. Hands open, respectively by cleavage at the parallel push down until the breast periphery. Love yourself must take care of your chest.

know that the breast of the magic of the essence of the effect of breast enhancement? Small series this will take you to experience the magic of an essential oil breast.

actually choose any one of the essential oils may be important massage techniques. Do 8 glyphs in the breasts massage. Repeat 20 times per action. To stimulate the chest tissue, so that the breast grow.

(internship editor: Deng Yongqi)

pay attention to massage massage. Every night before going to bed with hot towel deposited on both sides of the breast 3 – 5 minutes. Massage around the breast with the palm of the hand, from left to right, massage 20 – – 50 times. As long as the above method massage 1 times a day, adhere to massage 2-3 months.

it is understood that men believe that women’s chest is the most sexy percentage of 89.6%. It can be seen that the size of female chest directly affects the sexy index.

be careful when choosing the base oils, essential oils are not what can be, there are some essential oils will breast reduction. Rose Geranium 4 drops + 2 drops + + 2 drops of base oil of fennel 10ml this formula breast


wants to remind people often pay attention to their MM health, each month to do self-examination, often measure the time change, some early replacement bra, one hand on the other hand may be uncomfortable, may hinder the growth of MM, the most important is not careful will affect the health of the chest.

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