Xining travel agency charges decreased family services private rental prices rose

2009 has not attracted hot tourism travel agencies competed to raise prices, according to the statistical results of the Xining National Bureau of investigation team revealed that from January to November, Xining city service fees, travel fees fell, a decrease of 13.6 percentage points. According to statistics, the overall decline in the price index of Xining services, compared with the same period last year decreased by 3.3%.

an unnamed travel agency official told reporters that the province’s various types of travel agencies reached 198, of which more than 87% travel agencies in Xining. The travel agency competition, market regulation and, from the look, the travel agency fees significantly affected by market factors, and do their own service at the same time, one of the important conditions of price competition is also more favorable factors.

it is reported that from January to November this year, Xining city price reduction services in addition to the travel agency fees, and housing loan interest rates, driving license, telephone rental, respectively over the same period last year decreased by 26.6%, 11.4% and 8.2%. But the service price, part of the project or larger, by increased operating costs, labor costs and increase housing prices and other market factors, family services (part-time, nanny), maintenance fees and the owners rent prices rose 26.8%, respectively, 31.7% and 22.4%.


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