Road transport industry overall quality and efficiency

Into the driving school, the teacher uniform dress, standard venues, and even the simulation of the bus station, the entrance of the complex sections of the highway and toll stations, tunnels, etc……. All of these standardized construction, management, are derived from the province’s road transport industry to carry out a period of three years of meticulous management activities. Through the activities carried out to promote the province’s road transport industry overall quality and efficiency.

from the beginning of 2014, in the Provincial Transportation Bureau under the guidance of the province’s transportation management agencies at all levels combined with industry practice, in accordance with the "overall construction of a year to build the framework, laying the foundation for two years, three years off", formulate a unified standard of 10 aspects of the passenger and freight transportation, maintenance, driver training, transportation administration law enforcement etc. the basic data of account of the; issued a "Qinghai province road passenger transport service standards", "Qinghai province automobile passenger service standards", to fill the province passenger service work blank unified standards; in Xining to mutual aid, Xining Datong two high customer to create a civilized demonstration class to strengthen the province’s transportation line; station construction and industry informatization construction, as of now has built 4 level passenger station, and start the implementation of the province’s road passenger transport network ticketing system.

after more than a year of meticulous management activities carried out, the province’s road transport meticulous management activities have achieved certain results. For the exchange of experience, network access, the successful completion of the task for a period of three years, in November 6th, the Provincial Transportation Bureau invited the representative of the province’s transportation management agencies has come to the East Sea city driving, Hondar Ruichi Qinghai Motor Transport Company Limited, Huzhu County transportation management held a provincial road transport industry "fine management" to observe the scene, law enforcement personnel management have said that will draw on the good experiences and good methods, better service to the public.


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