This year the province will implement a hierarchical sub property management to improve the quality

property management affects thousands of households, in order to improve the quality of property services, the provincial housing and urban construction department this year will improve the charging standards, expand coverage, to carry out compliance assessment in four aspects, and gradually realize the residential environment has improved, the property service quality, improve the quality of living of residents is the goal of ascension.

this year, our province will accelerate the pace of legislation "Regulations" property management in Qinghai Province, study and formulate the "Qinghai Province residential property service level standards", the property charges qualification enterprise standard and service level, corresponding, according to the needs of different owners, execution services and the corresponding charges, the implementation of grading grading management, refinement the service standard, reasonably determine the benchmark price and the floating range, the implementation of property services of high quality. At the same time, in the implementation of the new residential area on the basis of universal property management services, the further implementation of the organs, enterprises and institutions of property management market, social reform. The further development of the realty service enterprise standardized management standards, to ensure that all the property service enterprise standardized management standards through rate of more than 65%, to achieve by the end of 2015 all the property service enterprise to achieve standardization goal.


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