The floor enterprise can not ignore the environmental knowledge fast

believe that as long as we ask what the most care about decoration, I believe many people will answer "environmental protection". This has become a focus of the current renovation, which is a very important material floor, get a lot of attention. Of course, compared to the quality and style, the product’s environmental indicators are also very important.

, then in the dragons and fishes jumbled together dazzling floor market, consumers how to determine their purchase of the floor is not green floor? How to avoid the family decoration pollution problems? We have to determine the index of "environmental protection floor formaldehyde emissions" should pay attention on methods of environmental protection and the selection of the floor choice the problem.

so everyone in the choice of flooring products, must not only pay attention to appearance and price. First of all, should bring a professional to determine, to ensure that the normal environmental index. Can the indoor environmental health products, it must be in the current market of consumer choice.


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