The danger appears to Sichuan disaster area of Xining SWAT team from temporary party

5 in Sichuan on 12 September in Wenchuan after the earthquake, the police detachment of police of Xining public security detachment in Sichuan, with the fastest speed and rushed to the disaster hit Sichuan Deyang Shifang Luoshui, Jiandi town two. In the first line of relief, give full play to the role of Fortress temporary establishment of Party organizations at all levels, led by the Communist Party members and police officers in charge before, dedication, braved the high-temperature heat, overcome and devote yourself to The climate does not suit one., maintenance of disaster social order work, efforts to solve problems for the masses of the people in the disaster areas, with hard work and the sweat, the practice of "think of the people, all for the people" clank oath, the Great Wall of steel cast invincible, no difficulty can, writing a good image of the Qinghai public security heroic loyalty and dedication.

when the assembly sounded the moment

May 25th, the Ministry of Public Security issued a special police deployed to the disaster area of Sichuan to carry out the task of maintaining stability. Xining Police SWAT team that will go to Shifang Sichuan disaster area to carry out the task of the news, have volunteered to write qingzhanshu. The logistics section chief Ma Baoyan has a cold, after receiving the order, he for three consecutive days and nights to travel supplies, did not rest on June 2nd, at 3 a.m. he was ready to get up, when the car driving to Qinan County in Gansu province when his strength has been severely overdrawn, captains Zhang Baoli he was forcibly sent to the medical car, hanging up drip. In the team to the disaster area, there are 10 female police. The morning of May 30th, the Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau vehicle is in a meeting, asked to send a female police to the disaster area, Zhang Xingdi and Li Junhong learned to hit the news, in the office, two female police fight up, two people are adamant that their most appropriate, finally, Li Junhong decided to go to the disaster area at hear, this decision, Li Junhong said, no matter how hard, also want to personally for what people do.

June 2nd, 140 Xining SWAT team and logistical support personnel rushed to the disaster area. Along the way, due to seismic disasters, many local roads damaged, bridges collapsed, traffic disruption. SWAT who can only rely on a difficult road ahead of the road map. Due to the complexity of the road, the team changed the original route four times. "In a predetermined period of time must reach the disaster areas, leading cadres to lead the way ahead, captains Zhang Baoli led the way, risking in front of the Pathfinder, at any time traffic information feedback to the team. Along the way, we eat in the car. 48 hours after the March, Xining police arrived at the Sichuan Deyang Shifang City, the Jiandi time specified in the two towns.


flag flies high in the area of

Xining SWAT team personnel from 8 units. Among them, 64 party members, members of the preparatory team of 2 people, members of the group of 75.

arrived in June 4th after the establishment of the mission area, the Deputy Secretary of the Party committee, Public Security Bureau Huang Shujiang as party secretary, special police detachment Zhang Baoli as deputy secretary, temporary party deputy commander, relevant units responsible for the attachment 9 for members. According to group;

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