Xining four district subsistence allowances for water subsidies

December 25th, the Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau of social assistance department learned that due to eliminate the effects of up regulation of city water to city residents object caused by the family, the Xining municipal government decided that from November to the four district of the city residents issued water subsidies.

it is understood that the water subsidies paid for from the beginning of November 2012 at the end of each quarter in the four district city residents object family, in accordance with the price increases, a monthly subsidy of 2.4 yuan, the minimum target water subsidies funds required by the city and district of the bear at the rate of 50%. It is reported that the water subsidies paid quarterly, the District Civil Affairs Bureau at the end of each quarter will be registered in the city residents and the number of funds needed to report the number of District Finance Bureau, Finance Bureau audit after the disbursement of funds socializedproviding bank, and then distributed to the hands of objects through the bank.

the payment of water subsidies is a major measure to the municipal government concern for the majority of city residents object of life, is the heart of the masses, concrete manifestation of governing for the people, but also to ease the impact on prices is an important measure of my life, the difficulties of the masses. (author: Zhang Qian)



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