Datong County venture can get 50 thousand to 80 thousand yuan microfinance

this year, the county will implement a more proactive employment policies and entrepreneurship support policies to improve the small secured loan system. Through the audit of entrepreneurial projects, can be obtained from 50 thousand to 80 thousand yuan of small secured loans.

it is understood that the County opened in 2008 since the start of entrepreneurship training courses, so far, there have been nearly a thousand people receive entrepreneurship training. The main content of entrepreneurship training is how to complete the feasibility study of their own start-up enterprises, the implementation of the various steps of the implementation of the enterprise, to complete their own business plan alone. At the same time, during the training, entrepreneurial guidance group composed of experts from industry and commerce, taxation, finance, banking and other departments, give the students face to face questions, and provide advice and guidance services, students can apply for subsidized business loans, reduce the financial pressure on students, greatly improve the success rate of entrepreneurship.

from the current situation of entrepreneurship and employment promotion in the county, the 1 entrepreneurs can drive the employment of 3 people, entrepreneurship and employment multiplier effect is very obvious. In recent years, 196 people to support entrepreneurship, driven by the realization of the employment of the people, college students to enhance the ability to train more than 800 people, a total of 15 million 700 thousand yuan of small loans secured loans of $665.


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