ndustry the growth rate higher than the national average

in the first quarter of this year, our province industry withstood the downward pressure, to achieve the above scale industrial added value increased by 7.4%, the growth rate in the national ranking from sixteenth place last year continued progression to fourteenth in the country, the Northwest second.

this year from 1 to May, the province above scale industrial growth of 7.4%, higher than the national average of 1.5 percentage points, the growth rate of industrial growth in the country rose to the top of the list, the northwest ranked in the top first in the world, the country’s largest industrial growth rate of thirteenth.

in the first half of this year, the province above scale industrial growth of 7.5%, higher than the national average of 1 percentage points.

more than half the time, more than half of the task. As the "13th Five-Year" at the beginning of the year, our province to withstand the downward pressure on the economy, has continued to carry the industrial economic growth, laid the foundation for the smooth development of the province’s economy.

steady growth:

tax relief services

at the beginning of this year, the provincial Party committee and the provincial government held a conference on the reform and development of the west coast, Hercynian seize the opportunity, goal oriented, contrarian.

formulated "Haixi state, deepen the reform of administrative approval system to optimize the development environment of opinions", the year to cancel 40 administrative approval items; the establishment of "Haixi" administrative approval directory list system, compiled and published 35 state units list of responsibilities and power flow chart; finishing the "Haixi Prefecture People’s government decided to cancel the decentralization and suspend the implementation of administrative approval list" and the "2016 Haixi Prefecture People’s government administrative approval to retain the directory", the state administrative approval items was reduced from 145 to 105; issued "improve the administrative examination and approval work related system", a number of examination and approval of the integration at the same stage of the same departments, once accepted, "to apply for the establishment of the state"; the administrative service center, be pushed open a door into the package,.

in the province, summing up the last ten thousand cadres into the enterprise service activities, our province by letter system into the enterprise to continue to carry out aid activities, take the provincial and municipal (state), the county three linkage, "one to one" one policy helping enterprises, involving land, environmental protection, total review human resources, taxation and other issues 982, solve and put forward the solution of 216, 766 are coordinated to solve.

do a good job of coal, electricity, oil, gas, transportation and other production elements to coordinate the work to help companies expand production promotion. In the first half of this year, the province’s upstream and downstream industry docking to achieve 26 billion 550 million yuan, the completion of the plan of 48.3%.

according to the provincial economic and Information Commission statistics, this year 1 to June, our province has a total reduction of electrolytic aluminum enterprises electricity costs 802 million yuan, the average cost per ton of electrolytic aluminum to reduce 770 yuan; cancel railway freight truck according to the standard weight billing way, directly reduce the expenditure of transportation for nearly 30% enterprises. Relief Haixi area industrial transportation vehicles 26 thousand and 800 motorcycles toll 3 million 641 thousand yuan. Completion of the province’s key logistics enterprises to determine the preliminary work and logistics costs of industrial enterprises, the province’s 8 logistics companies for the first time into the national logistics statistics system. Through the coordination phase;

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