North area for post holiday syndrome

Spring Festival holiday has ended, in order to let cadres first time out of the holiday mood, is the beginning of the eight month, the first fixed action is to dispel the north area of gas, after the win, the Spring Festival of the horse, with the body immediately, immediately in place, immediately.

is at the beginning of the month 81 early in the morning, the north area for festival syndrome opened a "emergency meeting" on the festival, some people work is still in the "holiday mode" attitude to work out a recipe: emphasize the festival win their hearts, can not be satisfied with the post office, to control at the beginning of the year, according to the principle of "early planning, early preparation, early hands-on, early results, the units should promptly implement the deployment, control the public wills, rapidly approaching people, help people to do things, quickly improve the quality, grasp the new situation, solve the problems facing economic and social development, especially some problems found in the Spring Festival holiday, immediate solution, solid improve the style of work.


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