Party building books by the public hot

In the eighteen months before the convening of the party, the provincial capital of a number of bookstores began to set up a Book counter party. With the eighteen victory in Beijing, these books have been touted by the public.

Book Wholesale Center Deputy Director Cui Mei said in early October began to organize the bookstore books, there are more than and 10 varieties, the latter will promptly organize about eighteen new books. In Dangjian counters, the reporter saw "review of the eighteen party to celebrate the glorious history of the party’s previous National Congress reader" and other books popular with young people blitz. After reading this book is a 90, said the book content rich, readable, read on their own is a spur. Grand Cross of Xinhua book store, vice president Zhao Manhong said, with the eighteen opening, attention to the readers of books is increasing.  

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