Qiang Wei stressed Xining to participate in the deliberations of quality transformation in this arti

January 23rd, Secretary of the provincial Party committee, the provincial people’s Congress Chairman Qiang Wei, deputy secretary of provincial Party committee, committee secretary Wang Jianjun attended the Xining delegation to consider the joint. Chen Yu photo

yesterday afternoon, the provincial Party Secretary Qiang Wei attended the Xining delegation group deliberations, together with representatives of the consideration of the government work report. Qiang Wei stressed that Xining as the province of the first area and leader, must be in accordance with the eighteen proposed the new industrialization, informatization, urbanization and agricultural modernization in the "new four modernizations" requirements, do a good job in the city construction and development of "quality transformation" of this article, and strive to achieve new breakthroughs in the quality transformation, vigorously promote Xining city competitiveness.

deliberations, the delegates spoke enthusiastically, the atmosphere is very warm. After listening to the speeches, Qiang Wei said that the government work report on the basis of summing up the past five years working on the scientific analysis of the current situation of economic and social development, the next five years, especially the general requirements, objectives and tasks, major initiatives this year. The report not only to the people of the province to produce a good report card, but also to the people of the province issued a mobilization of new Qinghai, creating a new life, comprehensive well-off society, governments at all levels should conscientiously implement, and strive to do a better job.

Qiang Wei, together with representatives talked about the changes in the development of Xining, the development achievements of Xining city fully affirmed. He pointed out that "good quality transformation" of this article, the city of Xining to adapt to the new changes in the new situation, accelerate the formation of a new mode of economic development, to promote the development of a foothold to improve quality and efficiency, mainly from four aspects of industry, innovation, openness, management enhance the competitiveness of the city.

Qiang Wei stressed that to promote the development of circular economy level. In accordance with the strategic plan of building the national recycling economy development zone, we should strengthen the cycle development of various industries, and achieve a new pattern of coordinated development of major industries. Two to vigorously promote innovation driven. To speed up the construction of research and production with each other to promote the integration of a large platform, the region’s human resources, resources and technological advantages into advantages. The main body of the market is the driving force of innovation driven, to cultivate the market main body, so that all sources of social wealth to create full flow. Three to strengthen the open drive. Adhere to the Xining in the province, the country, the global environment, more actively go out to introduce, to further optimize the environment, and strive to attract and use more investment, advanced technology and management model. Four to strengthen urban construction. Focus on solving the problems of urban development, urban construction, urban environment, urban management, urban and rural integration. Qiang Wei hope Xining adhere to hard work, hard work, hard work, strong people adhere to the development of enterprise, to request, seeking a breakthrough, leap, efforts to improve the competitiveness of the city, the early realization of life of the city, the city of happiness goal. (author: Wu Bin,)



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