Xining now the designated market for the highest retail price of meat

December 27th, the reporter learned from Xining Municipal Bureau of Commerce, from today, 10 farmers markets designated by the Department of Commerce of the provincial capital and 9 supermarkets, beef meat, the highest retail price; during the New Year holiday, Xining City daily transported 400 tons of vegetables; operating households in 10 farmers markets and 9 designated supermarket supply area, with shopping card purchase of vegetables, 27 kinds of main varieties of vegetables sold strictly enforce the zero slip; the establishment of vegetable supply in large area, 100 Hualian, Wangfujing, Huarun, Hui Hakka supermarket, arrange more than 10 mass dishes according to the purchase price of sales.

home vegetable prices fell

, December 27th at noon, Xining City Lake Road fruits and vegetables wholesale market in Xining city vegetable basket project supply of vegetables, a car came to the wholesale food car queues, daily dishes, weighing, the voice of bargaining as one falls, another rises. Currently, the market has set up a transportation and storage of vegetables supply point, every day for the public transport and vegetables.

vendors Li Yongsheng said that in recent days, some of the prices of home grown vegetables, cabbage, radish, celery and other vegetables are relatively low prices.

afternoon, Wangfujing in Xining city of Xining set the supermarket shopping basket project vegetable sales counter area, many people are choosing the supply of fresh vegetable, spinach and other vegetables special offer. A vegetable counter staff told reporters that these days the price of vegetables is relatively stable, the overall sales steady.

in the wells Lane market, come to buy beef and mutton, pork, fish and other food people in a continuous line. Live in Shi Po Street Fang Hongjie is buying fish, chicken, shrimp and other food. Every year before the new year’s day, the government limit the price of beef and mutton are cheaper, so the early start of a large procurement." Fang Hongjie said.

daily delivery of 400 tons of vegetables

according to the market demand for new year’s Day holiday, Xining daily delivery of vegetables 400 tons or so, the wholesale price down sales of 10%.

from December 20, 2012 to January 5, 2013, according to the "new year winter vegetable shopping festival" in the Tibetan Plateau agricultural distribution center, set up reserve vegetable delivery point, put carrots, potatoes, cabbage, garlic, radish, cabbage and other vegetables, spicy, total put about 15 thousand tons. According to the government posted a point, wholesalers down a little, let the seller, the people get a little principle, will be allocated to the effective supply of vegetables to the farmers market in the direct selling points, supermarkets and small. The establishment of vegetable supply in large area, 100 Hualian, Wangfujing, Huarun, Hui Hakka supermarket, parity, special offer daily supply of vegetables, more than 10 kinds of popular food arrangements, according to the purchase price of sales.

zero docking strict implementation of zero slip

during the New Year holiday, mainly relying on investment and Development Co. Ltd., Qinghai budup Zhang group and other key enterprises in the slaughter, Kang Xi Xiang farmers market, Xiyuan mall, South Street, road and bridge of the farmers market;

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