The west area of laying hens breeding project by the national support of our province chicks will bi

Recently, the Ministry of science and technology and the Ministry of Finance in 2013 over the reporting technology Fumin County special action plan project implementation plan to carry out consultation and financial review, among them, the "West District Xining city demonstration and promotion of" efficient green farming technology project in west area of laying hens, allocated 1 million 800 thousand yuan of special funds. This means that our province laying hens and broiler chicks will no longer rely entirely on the introduction of the way from the field, their breeding chicks in our province is expected to be listed.

at present, the west area of large-scale breeding hens to long Kang breeding Co. Ltd is a leading enterprise, number of laying hens and egg production increased year by year, the size of the 8 major supermarket supply slaughter hens and egg products in Xining City, but the supply can not meet demand, especially consumer products of green backyard hens demand. At the same time, Qinghai chicken and broiler chicks by foreign introduction of goods on behalf of the chicks, the introduction of Qinghai chicks can not promptly adapt to high altitude hypoxia environment, the cost of brood increased sharply, backyard hens scale affected. This project is based on the long Kang farming limited existing conditions, the establishment of breeding center, self reproduction, guarantee to the company and the local farmers to provide physical health, able to adapt to keep scattered in the high altitude chicks, increase farmer raised the number of products, improve the backyard layers in the Xining market share. (author: Wu Yachun)


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