The mayor’s mailbox to solve problems 18 bus to the end of the month salt Zhuang area

days ago, the Xining Municipal People’s government portal website "mayor mailbox" received one of two members of the public to reflect whether to extend the 18 bus line to salt and look forward to alleviate Zhuang area travel difficult letter. Letter from the Xining City, the relevant departments attach great importance, in August 22nd, the reporter learned from relevant departments of Xining City, 18 bus will lead to the end of the month to salt Zhuang Xiao Qu, Xining City, has developed seven measures to ease travel difficult.

people to reflect, the 18 bus station in the west end point for retired cadres, Zhuang area of at least 500 meters distance of salt, salt Zhuang area tens of thousands of people travel to the railway bridge bus, very convenient, and the 18 bus in the West Sea running when the passengers are not many, if the 18 bus station to extend the end point of salt Zhuang area, the number of passengers it will increase a lot, not only can bring income to the bus company, is convenient for community residents, can improve the utilization of public resources. Salt Zhuang district residents eager to extend the 18 bus station to a salt village. Xining city traffic bureau has decided to adjust the extension before the end of August 2013, 18 bus to salt Zhuang area. (author: Wu Yachun)

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