The spirit of the six plenary session at the grassroots level for a seedling wood rich village in Hu

from the county road, a wide cement road meanders, on both sides of the road and the green wall tile a wild profusion of vegetation, the farmyard hidden in these plants among here is Li Shan Zhen Gang Cha Cun, Huangzhong county.

Gang Cha Cun is a mountainous area, the village land area of 990 acres, 182 households and 665 people. 2003 years ago, the village is a poor fork village, the annual per capita income of less than 1000 yuan. In recent years, the village Party branch in accordance with the "party building around the economy, promote the development of party", the work of Party building and seedling planting industry combine walking path of "branch + cooperative", the construction and characteristic industry mutual promotion goals. In ten years, has changed dramatically Gang Cha Cun, now the average income of villagers year reached 20 thousand yuan, every family built a new house, 40% of the farmers at home to buy a car, had a happy wonderfull life.

tasted the sweetness of seedlings planted

Wang Cheng, father and son of the village is the first to taste the sweetness of the people of the people of the people of the world, the first taste of the "sweetness" of the people in the village of. 2003 years ago, the father and son rely on farming for a living, down less than a thousand dollars a year income. 2003, the provincial forestry department and the Huangzhong County Forestry Bureau will be Gang Gang village as the object of help, sent technical personnel to the village, to guide the villagers planted seabuckthorn, spruce, black thorn seedlings. At first, this poverty alleviation project was questioned by the villagers, holding the attitude to try, Wang Cheng and his son planted 5 points in the spruce, planted in the land of 1 acres of seabuckthorn.

a year later, the seedlings only several centimeter long, Wang Cheng thought playing the drums, every two or three days went to the technician, technicians smilingly told him, don’t worry, after three years of quasi profit. Over the past three years, but there is no market in the village of seedlings, and planting seedling with him can not help people pull out the trees re planted their crops, but Wang into technical staff in support of these seedlings, carefully handle, waiting for a chance.

fall, Wang Cheng spruce sold more than 7000 yuan, sea buckthorn also sold more than 10 thousand yuan. Tasted the sweetness, Wang Cheng will gradually own 10 acres of land, leased to all the land to grow seedlings of 10 acres, has now formed a certain scale, the annual income of several million. Wang and his son became a model to grow seedlings in the village, the villagers have started planting seedlings.

with the increase in the number and scale of planting seedlings increased, seedling planting and sale of scattered, chaotic situation began to appear, gang Cha village Party branch based on knowledge of market investigation, held a meeting to discuss, and established the "party development mode of Party branch + cooperative".

dark, ruddy Wang Youyi is the village of poverty can feed their families by working the past, he and several other people, now set up for farming cooperatives, planting seedlings of 80 acres, and realized the growing sales of "one-stop", Wang Youyi told reporters, with the supply of stock market, the village the concept has changed;

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