Top ten brands of perfume

is to increase their charm, or a simple like, in short, the perfume market is now very broad, with a lot of brands. "International cosmetics news" recently launched a perfume ranking among the top 10 in the perfume, men accounted for 2 women accounted for 8 of the perfume, man Yi Chu Fang perfume, Armani perfume, female Chanel No. 5, Lancome Caleche perfume, Estee Lauder pleasures, white diamond and Arden Chanel and YSL opium, grace, JeanPaul Gautier, gucci envy perfume. Next, let Xiaobian to introduce the top ten brands of perfume list.

perfume ten brands list NO.: Yi Chu Fang Xiyuan perfume


Achovin Yi Chu Fang Xi Yuan as a makeup, perfume" China ace perfume, appeared in the fashion trend from classical to modern 90s. With its unique fragrance faint fragrance with a deep feeling of longing, packaging design combined with the new characteristics of modern, elegant atmosphere release dripping male remarkable attracts millions of global, male, become a world-class flagship perfume, perfume and topped the throne so far.

perfume ten brands list: Armani NO. two

in water

by Armani, super good smell of perfume are from fashion company, launched in 1994 on the water, divided into male and female perfume, fragrance lovers is famous in the world. At the launch of that year as the crown of perfume perfume industry won the Oscar prize, Fifi award.

perfume ten brands list NO.: Chanel No. 5

"Chanel 5" for the French company ace Chanel perfume products, the advent of the trend in fashion from classical to modern 1920s. By the famous European perfume expert Nestor · it is also a Bova modulation, the world’s first addition of acetaldehyde perfume, Chanel No. 5 "with its fresh and elegant fragrance waft, combined with the new characteristics of modern packaging design, attracting the world’s millions of women, to become a world-class flagship perfume, and in ace perfume has the throne.

perfume ten brands list NO.: Lancome true love miracle perfume

Miracle Lancome miracle perfume is one of the most popular perfumes in the world, it can be said that miracle perfume is the pride of Lancome! Lancome created this classic and timeless masterpiece, so that every woman can complete the "miracle" of the dream, the pursuit of pure happiness to every inch of skin.

perfume ten brands list NO. five: Estee Lauder pleasures perfume


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