School equipment surprised small partners to encourage students blind comparison

every year of the school season, there will be a lot of things, of course, in this year’s opening season there are many things, which, many parents for the children to prepare some of the school dress is also a lot of people scared.

went to school season, not only the students face the students even take on an altogether new aspect, the equipment is eye-opening. A few thousand dollars Japanese bags, positioning phone watches, electric pencil sharpener…… This paper is the price of some expensive, high technology content, some "foreign goods".

Freshmen pack

has just been "super high" shock, then my buddy was stunned in primary school equipment. In this way, our heart line a little break, let us learn to "see". 5000 dollars Japanese bag, nearly a thousand dollars with motor life not bad for a pencil sharpener, before the exposure of the news, I believe that most people have never heard of. The entrance fee to purchase equipment from the previous several hundred, suddenly rose to several thousand dollars, in the society imperceptibly form a comparisons atmosphere, netizens said "competition of family background has ruled.

but "show off" and "competition" behaviour, 5000 yuan of bags, Japan nearly 1000 Yuan electric motor with the immortal bad sharpener has become a new "pronoun" elementary school season, and this distorted "pronoun" value instead of the entrance itself value. This is a misunderstanding of consumer facing the new parents of primary school. Let the flowers of our motherland in the future learning, living in such an environment is unfavorable. On the one hand, because the parents from ability in terms of money size would be treated the same, which is not conducive to the healthy growth of children, in the subconscious will automatically divided into various grades and ranks, it is difficult to establish a correct outlook on life and values. On the other hand, the high school equipment in a sense is a waste. The bag is used to hold the book, the role is to repair the pencil sharpener, and their ultimate aim is to learn. Too much energy and money are put in the purchase of stationery is to have the order reversed.

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