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breast is an important part of women’s health, some women will notice that their breasts are not the same, this is not a disease of the breast? Just like the other symmetrical organs of the human body is not absolutely symmetrical, the two sides of the breast a little size. Breast is not the same as how to do? Here we take a look at how the health of the breast health!

if the two sides of the breast showed obvious asymmetry, there are several situations:

second, acquired factors. Usually occurs in the maternal.

4, for significantly less than normal unilateral breast can be filled with silicone or fat.

first, congenital factors. In the process of embryonic development, if one side of the breast is the base of the development of abnormal, in the future development of the adolescent breast, both sides of the breast will be significantly asymmetric, dysplasia side will be significantly less than the contralateral side. Generally speaking, this situation will not affect the marriage, fertility, but lost the beauty of the female curve. Therefore, in the adolescent breast development completely after undergoing prosthesis augmentation mammaplasty, breast side of the original flat and contralateral as full recovery of women’s style and confidence.

breast a small what harm?

3, physical development, body shape, if the two sides of the breast a big one small disparity, the use of the above self correction method is invalid, you can consider surgery correction.

breast is not as big as how to do?

2, with the right hand pressure on the left side of the breast, clockwise massage, 3 times a day, each time under 30, can also play a role in increasing the breast.

1, usually consciously with the left hand, holding a weight not only strong left chest and increase the breast, and with his left arm, right hemisphere can promote the development of the chest, make you more intelligent.

adolescence is a specific period of germination of female beauty consciousness, and breast development is not perfect can cause depression and inferiority mentality for this period girl, long-term adverse mental conditions will lead to adolescent mental illness, thereby affecting the normal work and study. Along with the growth of age, bilateral breast asymmetry to women’s psychological pressure may also lead to a series of serious psychological sexual dysfunction, affecting the normal life of patients and families.

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