The boy was beaten away from home for two years to be sent back to good people

was slow to write his father, 9 year old boy away from home for two years. Until recently, there are good people will be sent back to the police station. At present, its biological parents have taken the child home.

2013, on the fourth grade primary school in the rain because the fun homework slow was the father of Mr. Wen but after running away from home, this will go for more than two years without hearing a word about, parents impatient. Yesterday morning, the rain has been a well intentioned people to the fan village police station, returned to their parents with the help of the police. Reporters learned that the original exodus of these two years, light rain removed Beijing, Tianjin, Henan and more, was well intentioned people take care of the family, and then returned to the police station and parents who were reunited.

The children were playing away from home

Then the rain

this two years experience in the end what? Daily economic news reporter learned from the police, the day away from home, from Beijing South Railway Station to Beijing West Railway Station, along with beggars begging for some time. After a man saw the rain and the wound on his forehead, shabby in dress, asked him why begging. However, the rain does not want to disclose the home address and telephone, good people will be brought to Tianjin for treatment and adoption. Subsequently, the rain followed him to his hometown in Henan, and in the local primary school enrollment. Until recently, the rain chronic rhinitis attack, local treatment, only to see a doctor. Due to various reasons, well wishers sent him to the police station.

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