Private cleaning three points of sensitive breast health net

women take a bath in the hot water for a long time, the skin will be burned to the surface of the stratum corneum, so that the skin becomes more and more dry, soft tissue of the breast more and more relaxed. It is best to use warm water for cleaning, bathing and mastitis patients is particularly need to use warm water for cleaning.

breast privacy sensitive cleaning three points

many a woman bathing, rub that love, no clean, long in the past will lead to breast ptosis, deformation, the correct method of cleaning breast should take a hand to light supporting breast, another finger abdomen clockwise massage.

breast cleaning points three: strength

for women, not only pay attention to the vaginal cleaning work is private and sensitive parts of the breast, breast hygiene can not be ignored, if breast damage with breast disease, such as mastitis, breast tumors and breast cancer in women can cause various effects. Therefore, the cleanliness of the breast is essential.

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must not be too casual when cleaning the breast, you want to give the best care of the breast, do not use irritating too strong cleaning fluid. If the long-term use of stimulus is too strong cleaning agent is easy to wash away the skin alkaline breast, breast skin protection lubricating material, and to re cover on the breast skin protective layer, and to restore the acid environment, then you need to spend some time.

breast cleaning points two: cleaning agent

breast cleaning points: water temperature

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