Female graduate five years to start a million annual salary

entrepreneurship is a very attractive choice, even if there is already a high degree of satisfaction with the salaries of white-collar workers, but also has a heart. Female master Li Liyuan started from purchasing, after graduating from graduate school five years, has been relying on their own business, reached the goal of one million annual salary.

quit high paying jobs of bra

2011 years after graduation, Li Liyuan entered the provincial capital of a well-known enterprises, with an enviable salary, but also have a normal life, the eyes of others is a typical high education, high platform and high salary "three high" women in the workplace.


brand to achieve the annual salary of one million

2015  in the first half of this year, Li Liyuan did not know how many times run the coastal bra manufacturers. She often works with designers to study and discuss every detail of the bra, from the width of the shoulder strap, the design of the shape of the cup to the choice of bra materials, all the   participation. The sample came out, she would take the first try to prick mentality, then please try different scoring models". After a number of optimization and adjustment, her bra products on the appearance of a lot of harvest praise".

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