Budddy chicken are delicious venture investment choice brand

as everyone knows, people are like the chicken is delicious, budddy chicken is as popular delicacy now won a lot of brands, people of all ages, with modern love of special snack, budddy chicken joined the unlimited prospects.


] budddy chicken joined advantage

professional store and shopping district assessment

for each store, budddy professionals spot business investigation, investigation and assessment of professional stores, to provide professional and detailed assessment for store and district partners, to the greatest extent to improve the success rate of low store location.

professional store design planning

Provide store planning and design scheme of professional

budddy as partners, to increase and strengthen the space atmosphere and texture design perspective and out of the store, the full range of stores closer to the distance with customers.

sales promotion support and guidance

to the store by professional business assessment, from the headquarters of successful market operation experience, budddy to formulate a plan for your personalized marketing business, and assigned responsibility for business activities detailed guidance.

new product development

budddy has powerful new product development team, and constantly develop new products, new flavors, to meet the consumer demand for continuous improvement.


] budddy chicken investment analysis

A, the brand use fee: 50000 yuan (the operating period of single brand permanent right of use)

B, credit margin: 10000 yuan (after the contract can be refunded)

C, operating equipment costs: 25000 yuan

D, store renovation costs: 40000 yuan

E, management fee: 10000 yuan / year (free of charge in the first year, from the end of second years)


] budddy chicken franchise

must be a natural person over 18 years of age, with independent civil capacity

has a certain economic strength, a good social reputation and serious attitude to work

has the professionalism, the brand identity of the corporate culture, with headquarters management

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