How to build a billion things Fujian ndustrial Park

the arrival of the Internet that has taken a series of changes in our life, especially significant than shopping mode change, at the same time in order to meet the development needs of the times, Fujian to build billion IOT industrial park! Fuzhou Development Zone, a heavyweight project in China (Fuzhou) Internet of things industry incubator center (phase I) in the Fuzhou Development Zone, 8 acres of fast land foundation. So, how to build a billion things in Fujian Industrial Park on the following and Xiaobian together to understand!

it is understood that the incubation center will build a public service platform of IOT industry, technology innovation center and industry incubator networking, focus on promoting the application of NB-loT technology in various industries, to create a NB-IoT application model; at the same time, relying on the Shanghai Institute of microsystem, Hongkong should institute and enterprise well-known Research Academy NB-IoT, build a national laboratory in Masson, carry out research and development, testing, certification, standards, incubators and other work, for January 2017 to complete the listing ceremony and laboratory, and put into use in May 1st.

on the same day, add custom (Shenzhen) Technology Co. Ltd. SAP 4 industrial projects, Guomai networking hospital project, automatic smart grid projects and other seventeen projects landing the networking industry base, a total investment of 2 billion 798 million yuan, will be in the water pipe network, intelligent, intelligent intelligent transportation, smart Logistics, smart grid, smart Home Furnishing, intelligent medical applications, through the cultivation of networking with animal hatching, rapid growth of small and medium enterprises, and create a number of internationally competitive enterprises to realize networking, networking industry cluster development.

according to the Fuzhou Development Zone by letter Bureau of the relevant person in charge, the Networking Industry Park focusing on the construction of public service platform of IOT industry, technology innovation center and incubator, one of 118 acres of land planning, located at Kuaian Park No. 8 plots, a total construction area of 316 thousand square meters, the construction period is 24 months the construction, the networking industry incubator and supporting service facilities. Recent widespread concern HUAWEI narrowband networking open laboratory is also preliminary planning.

it is understood that in order to support the development of the networking industry, the provincial government had issued "on the" eight measures to accelerate the development of the networking industry, support Fuzhou city to further enhance the Masson networking industry base agglomeration effect, deepening to build a national area centralized network industry. At present, the development zone through networking enterprise 65, affiliated enterprises exceeded 100, gather a group of new China, WidePlus, Guomai, crown forest with the core competitiveness of the networking of well-known enterprises, the distribution chain of things perception layer, transport layer and application layer in the main link.

a region wants the economy to be sustainable development, can not do without the correct decision-making, can not do without the pace of close integration with the times. How to build a billion things Fujian Industrial Park? Through the introduction of the above we have clearly recommended

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