nvestors are optimistic about the direction of the 3 major business

ten years ago, entrepreneurs, as long as they can do almost make money, but today, after ten years, any one industry is filled with the smoke of competition, it is difficult to want to excel. The same law applies to today’s investment community. After experiencing a crazy, impetuous, noisy adjustment, ushered in the era of madness, now what investors should vote once again become a real problem.

by the aging of the population, the new medical reform policy incentives and other factors, the healthcare industry investment activity rose shows the investment value of the anti cyclical industry in the economic downturn period.

Investment direction:

segments from the field of view, medical and health care service industry chain is the two main directions.

: Investment AnalysisThe trend of

for medical equipment has had in-depth study of OBO capital co-founder Wang Jian believes that the future of this market segment in the specific category also has a lot of opportunities. In the field of medical devices, such as trauma repair products, domestic enterprises have occupied most of the domestic market. But there are still a lot of room to grow like artificial joints and spine."

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