Just need to master the three location technology easy to open self service barbecue shop

Korean barbecue is a lot of people love the delicacy, but also young people love the delicacy, many ways such as the Korean barbecue, barbecue, barbecue buffet has two strong selling point, is a self-help, two Korean barbecue, so they locked the project’s target customer base for young students, white-collar workers and other consumers. So how to open a Korean barbecue shop? Choose the right address, can also bring different results. The following is the location of the Korean barbecue buffet skills:

Korean barbecue shop location selection skills 1, food street

Korean barbecue buffet can choose to operate in a restaurant street, its advantage lies in the early business can get some other restaurant diversion, but note that the business and the surrounding restaurants are best not to repeat, and consumer specifications at the same price, can be slightly lower.

Korean barbecue shop location 2 skills, shops should not be too large

shop area of 40 square meters in the best to less than 60 square meters, do not need too much. One can control the cost, two is due to little shops, as long as there are few tables in the consumer, will be able to form a good sense of business travellers; the store is too large, if the publicity is not in place, but easy to fall into the vicious spiral briefless ".

Korean barbecue shop location technology 3, convenient transportation

would like to have a good business location is very important, good address is often a great help for the latter part of the operation, how can a good site? First of all, there is a parking lot nearby; secondly, it is best to be near the bus stop or taxi stand. Urban life rhythm fast, if the customer to spend a lot of time because of traffic inconvenience, any restaurant may face the risk of being excluded.

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