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tricks explain: some women in the lactation period.

A, a flat, usually only wear B cup bra

B, sagging breasts

effectiveness analysis: this method was Taiwan wave God Tang Lin respected. The book under his arm, his hands held before forcing people’s waist, chest. This position helps to exercise chest muscle, upright chest.

C, both sides of the breast asymmetry

breast acupuncture method

tricks: armpit clip in two books, lift your hands forward to raise, adhere to the arm ache or book fall far, multiple daily exercises. The thickness of the book varies from person to person, so as not to feel uncomfortable.

method of

tricks: sit cross legged, two feet close together; two knees down as far as possible, the upper part of the body as far as possible to stretch the arms, as far as possible to straighten out; sniff, shoulders lift control, full extension of the thorax, and abdomen, upper body forward under pressure; upper body tilting to the maximum, hold your breath wait; hold gas, edge of mouth breathing and lift the upper body, arms do not force. Get up and breathe 5 times to do a little adjustment, repeat this action 5-10 times. Respiratory process can stretch the upper abdomen, but the stomach must be tightened. Respiratory rhythm moderate, not too fast or too slow.

chest is the most important part is the most striking in the eyes of the proportion of measurements, and is closely related to the overall body of S curve. If you have a slender waist, but it is a "airport", so it is difficult to gain a foothold in this "spell chest" era. In the storm, do not forget the chest curve of the building"!

clip breast augmentation method

Asian women in the development of breast and Europe and the United States have a certain gap. In particular, eating habits and aesthetic habits of different, often because of breast development in Oriental female antecedents diet is not comprehensive, resulting in development of mammary gland atrophy. So we will often see a lot of people a curve, the chest is difficult to reflect. Women in the East are 2 levels lower than the west. Oriental women with B~C as the main aesthetic standards, we will feel the full number D cup. But in the West D is just the starting point of the standard, and EFG is the western aesthetic standards of breast.

effectiveness analysis: the correct breathing method can not only provide adequate oxygen, effectively relieve fatigue, more unexpected effect of breast. Experiments have confirmed that after the practice of breathing exercises in March, the average increase in the chest, while the waist thin.

hypnosis breast enhancement method

effectiveness analysis: psychologists stressed that the breast is directly retained the traces of women’s psychological growth. In many cases, the decision to grow breasts depends more on the brain. This implies that the relationship with the breast is much closer than we thought, more than the breast fat and glands within the physiological effects.

tricks Xiangjie: tell your "my chest is becoming more and more rich, more upright".

chest problem?

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