What makes her change from ten thousand to 10 million yuan

ten thousand yuan for a lot of people are not a large number of people with a lot of money, a lot of money, but who can talk about $ten thousand into the assets of $ten thousand? Zhang Yuqing, born in Hangzhou in 1961. After graduating from high school to do technical work in the Hangzhou radio component factory, later transferred to Hangzhou as deputy chief of daily chemical factory. Dry 1987, in 1994 the establishment of Central Asia Garment Co., ltd.. Currently serves as general manager of Hangzhou Zhongya Garment Co. Ltd., executive director of Hangzhou Garment Association, Shangcheng District CPPCC members.

In fact,

expediting telephone interview with us from time to time from around the country are interrupted, a pick up the phone, her voice immediately became short, capable, bold, said, making a vigorous gesture. And this is what we really want to know Zhang Yuqing, she is like a Hollywood movie heroine, lens for a change, immediately into the role. So, she is also the same as the heroine of the Hollywood film, finally revealed a victory smile.

the first scene: from zafan Wan

Location: Shenzhen

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