Wuhan hot and dry noodles brand recommended

hot and dry noodles it is relatively well-known to everyone a snack, of course, this is also one of the ten famous Chinese pasta, originated in Wuhan. Today Xiaobian specially to recommend several catering market popular hot dry noodles brand.

1, stone stone woman hot dry noodles

address: Wuhan 28,


recommended reason: the taste is very strong, very good, very fragrant sauce. Every time I go to Hubuxiang, I will eat in the past. Entered the store, on the wall is a photo stone woman and dignitaries, a hundred years old style.

2, Cai Lin Ji

address: No. 1, Hubuxiang building, Wuhan building on the first floor, floor 6-7,

recommended reason: moderate price, taste delicious, many people. The material is hot and dry noodles plain, peanut, radish ingredients ah ah, with sesame, sesame oil, soy sauce, hot to eat, the taste is really good, is always going to miss the taste.

Li Ji

3, hot dry noodle

address: Zhongshan Road Station (near Christopher Lee Ji Road junction)

recommended reason: face than other places to be thick, do a little hard, a little sweet inside. Master the technology is good enough, a hand in the 2 bowl, like the line, put some seasoning well, taste good. Line up has been very long, many people do business, there is a reason!

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