Shijiazhuang Federation of trade unions to start a special action to support entrepreneurship employ

in front of the policy, should be equal, Shijiazhuang for employment and entrepreneurship support will do very precise, and strive to achieve a policy, according to different situations, different people give help, improve the overall quality of entrepreneurship.

It is reported that for

, to ensure that all work to promote timely, effective implementation, the Federation of trade unions functions break boundaries, a reasonable allocation of staff, establish a working mechanism of the major leaders personally take charge of the leadership, relevant departments directly grasp, do personnel, tasks and measures to implement the "three".

implement, capital is the guarantee.

do employment special action is accurate, precise, focusing on the success of the base is accurate.

at present, Shijiazhuang city has difficulty 7716 employees, including 2551 poor workers. In order to use limited funds to the needs of the other person, do well, supply and demand, an antidote against the disease targeted therapy in promoting entrepreneurship and employment support special action, Shijiazhuang City Federation of trade unions of the city into the difficulties workers difficulties workers file management carried out a thorough and meticulous investigation, the implementation of "unified employment support special action survey the questionnaire on the basic situation of the workers in difficulties", entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial intention, professional expertise and work experience as well as precise mopai.

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