What are the latest projects in 2012

2011 years passed, and to the new year, in early 2012, what are the new projects to join it? Let us follow the whole network Xiaobian together to take a look.

the clean chambers sterilizing cleaner for sole huge advertising support: "ting Jie" brand advertising is now being put in the national media, as long as you make a "clean Chambers" regional distributor, you can include your contact in the advertisement, make you relaxed when the boss.

the low risk investment: site promotion, popular: compared with other products division cleaning sterilizing cleaner for sole, the biggest advantage is that it can make a spot test proves that the product quality how, and in use of a sole to polish their feet, and then another one not rub soles, onlookers saw the moment the sole is polished set a sense of magic, and have the purchase order. As long as you are in the city under the jurisdiction of the establishment of a certain number of sales outlets. Whether you are poor management, or the agency was canceled, your inventory products are returned to the company in accordance with the contract.

the clean chambers sterilizing cleaner for sole strict area protection system: implement regional protection policies strictly, so you have no competitors in business.

the quality, price advantage: to establish a strict inspection system of factory products, to ensure product quality. For consumers to buy products, the implementation of one year replacement; uniform pricing, to ensure the normal operation of the order, make your business no worries.

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