Six kinds of behavior of health network increased the risk of breast cancer

to increase the risk of breast cancer

night owls rest is not normal high rate of cancer

some people worry that the electromagnetic wave halogen lamp, bedside audio, charger, will not release harmful substances, increase the risk of breast cancer, there is no literature report confirmed carcinogenic.

recent studies have found that Taiwanese people love plastic products, but the release of environmental hormones from plastic products may increase the risk of breast cancer. As with plastic bags of hot soup and diet to eat in a hot melt plastic under chemical molecules, may be transformed into the female hormone induced breast cancer.

The experiment report of large-scale

breastfeeding less than female

Taiwan is about half of patients with breast cancer in premenopausal and the United States, on the contrary, 2/3 after the menopause. Director of the Taipei branch of the general surgery and breast surgery at Chang Gung Memorial Hospital is Taiwan breast medical society director Chen Xunche shows that the average age of patients with breast cancer should be getting old, Taiwan also has this trend, but the probability of young breast cancer is higher than that of the United states. Taiwan breast cancer patients, less than 40 years old accounted for about 15%, less than about 50 years old accounted for about 50%.

found that women after menopause, as long as 10% pounds, a 1.5 fold increase in the risk of breast cancer. The reason for this is that obesity causes high levels of fat, which causes a lot of estrogen to accumulate in fat. Doctors also advise postmenopausal women should pay attention to diet, fat content, less intake of high-fat, high calorie foods, these foods may accumulate more estrogen, and increase the incidence of breast cancer.

in postmenopausal obese breast cancer increased 1.5 times

long-term female hormone stimulation is more likely to get breast cancer

who will get breast cancer, experts point out that "female hormones" is one of the biggest key, if long-term by female hormones, that is, the stimulation of estrogen, breast cancer is easier to get. Patients with ovarian cancer and endometrial cancer are associated with female hormones, and are more likely to develop breast cancer. Menopausal women in the past to alleviate discomfort, will supplement the female hormones, and found that long-term use, not only will stimulate the female hormones, but also increase the risk of breast cancer.

breast cancer younger love to eat high calorie food is pushing hands

plastic products full of life beware of environmental hormone induced breast cancer

[introduction]: the latest statistics found that domestic breast cancer, breast cancer cases each year nearly 7000 people, including in situ cancer accounted for 660 people, the other for invasive carcinoma. Breast cancer patients increased by an annual rate of 7%, the highest incidence of cancer among women in Taiwan, the death rate of fourth.

Six behaviors of

there are rumors, staying up late will increase the risk of breast cancer. Experts say, life is not normal, day and night upside down, will lead to decreased immunity, improve the risk of suffering from any cancer. An example of breast cancer research, found that the female attendant because the rest is not normal, plus at high altitude may be exposed to radiation, the rate of cancer is relatively high.

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