What are the principles of jewelry store display

open a jewelry store, do a good job of related products, this is a very important thing. However, in the end how to be able to do a good job of display, which for many operators are also very troubled. In fact, in the display of jewelry, we in-depth analysis of consumer psychology and shopping habits and reached the eight principles. Want to do a good job in jewelry store display, as long as the relevant principles can be.

first, the first principle of jewelry display, that is, to emphasize the concept of "quantity". The display of products should stress "sell goods piled mountain", meaning that there must be a sense of commodity display, can cause enough attention and interests of customers, and is also the display volume stores the image vivid an important condition. For example, when you see a bunch of crystal necklace, you will feel good, but when you see a crystal necklace, you will find it too beautiful, can not help but want to buy a. This is the amount of work. In store display, as far as possible to the same goods classified by category, and then displayed together to produce the concept of "quantity".

second, store with color collocation. Many customers in the shop are impulsive consumers, and cause them to buy impulse factors in addition to price, variety, quantity and other reasons, the impact is also an important factor in jewelry. Therefore, in the display jewelry, we should pay attention to the color of a variety of accessories, the appropriate combination of warm and cool tones, in order to attract the attention of consumers.

third, similar goods to be displayed in the vicinity of the shelves or location. On the one hand, will use the same or similar goods, focus on display, in order to highlight jewelry group of momentum, but also to meet the "quantity are displayed" principle; on the other hand, can let the customer according to the concentration of category more easily find their desired accessories.

fourth, jewelry shop around the combination, to attract customers. In general, the customer into the jewelry store, the eyes will involuntarily turn to the left, and then slowly moved to the right. Because people tend to look at things from the left to the right. Therefore, the jewelry store store on the left side of the display jewelry should be as attractive as possible, so that customers stay. At the same time, because people are used to write with their right hand, walk on the right, so in people’s subconscious, the right side of the thing is safe and reliable. Therefore, the use of people’s shopping habits, the store should be some of the main jewelry on the right side, accelerate sales.

fifth, easy to take, easy to take, easy to restore is also one of the requirements of jewelry display. Because even if the display again beautiful, the atmosphere, if the customer take inconvenient, or take the return very trouble, then good display can promote sales. At the same time, display planning also requires the jewelry store to be displayed in line with the size of the human body. With a height of

165 cm shelf, for example, gold display line >

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