Wine sales success stories to us

no matter what the product is sold, people are always impressed by the interesting sales ideas. What are red wine sales tips? Master certain skills, can create rich profits for people, must not miss!

a wine brand once in KTV engaged in a prize promotion activities, to promote the wine sales activities for the brand, buy a bottle of red wine, can have two options, one is to get a gift fruit; another do not choose to participate in fruit, answer the question, as long as the answer can be obtained even more abundant fruit, gift (KTV20 yuan vouchers, drink a bottle of melon, plate), answer the questions related with the song. In order to get the maximum effect, the brand produced a large number of single page promotions, in consultation with the KTV in the rooms, and in the KTV entrance corridor and the counter placed promotional yilabao. Activities to achieve very good results.


KTV should pay attention to when drinks promotion is relatively closed in KTV environment, at the outset, let consumers choose your product is wise, therefore, all effort should be focused on the consumer door to determine the rooms, drink this time, otherwise, missed this time, the promotion becomes difficult.


see the above sales real case, believe that people will understand, in this industry, master sales skills, is very important. No good skills, even if you have good products, but also do not sell.


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