Ten of the most stupid online entrepreneurial ideas

many friends do not know, what can be done online entrepreneurship, how to do? In order to help you expand their ideas, business consultants today introduced a few days ago to see ten of the most stupid online entrepreneurial ideas, but these seem to be very stupid idea has been successful in the ten.





) laser monk monk opened a website to sell printer cartridges such as consumables. It is the real monks who operate the site, and that is what they are. Their sales in 2005 were $2 million 500 thousand.


) antenna balls sell the car antenna for the decoration of small ball toys, there are people with this stuff? Selling online. Look inside, but also a millionaire was born. By the way, they are all made in china.


) fitness poker a set of cards, each card is printed on a fitness method, then sell online, pay a $18.95 card. Who will buy it? I do not buy. But a fitness trainer on the Internet last year to sell 4 million 700 thousand dollars this card.

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