Hard entrepreneurs will eventually succeed

to become a successful entrepreneur, everyone is eager, but, you work hard? Romania entrepreneur Christian · Georgi (Christian  Gheorghe) the entrepreneurial experience is a typical case of the wonderful enough to start empty-handed, Hollywood was made into a movie, sometimes even he felt incredible.

he in the last century the beginning of the 90s from Romania to the United States, with only $26 in his pocket, and at that time he did not speak English. He lived in a hostel, to open a taxi for a living.

when he made certain achievements in the sales record after he bought a Commodore  for my own use nearly a year’s wages; 64 computer. Editor’s note: Commodore is a personal computer company that worked with apple, who created a series of miracles. It launched the Commodore  64 is an epoch-making product, so that many families for the first time to understand the concept of the computer, the product is known as the "Volkswagen in the computer".

now in retrospect, he still felt very happy. He said, "people were asking me, are you crazy?"

after him in the machine to break through self programming electronic game mode. Before going to the States, he first received a formal training, the mechanical engineering technology professional master’s degree in Romania, minor in computer science. But when he came to the United States, his qualifications and degrees were not recognized and accepted.


Sax runs a computer software consultant. He hired Georgi, who co founded a new company in two. In fact, the two of them co founded the company may be the history of the first big data companies, but they did not call.

later they will the company sold to Experian.

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