Hangzhou to create the myth of wealth between the green mountains and rivers

Hangzhou is not only a tourist city, but also its economic development has been amazing. Today, Hangzhou has entered a new era, the convening of the G20 let the world know Hangzhou. 2016 global private equity fund summit held in Hangzhou, West Lake, no doubt once again let the Hangzhou Railway Station on the new ladder!

from the West Lake times, to Qiantang River era, Hangzhou in the green mountains and rivers create jinshanyinshan between the myth of wealth.

11 7 in the morning, Intercontinential Hangzhou Hotel All seats are occupied. Originally invited 800 people in the venue, and finally he just managed to squeeze more than 1 thousand people.

they are known as the occupation of China’s wealth heights of high net worth population, it is clear that this is called the 2016 global private equity fund West Lake summit meeting, no doubt once again rewrite the name card of Hangzhou.

from the West Lake times, to Qiantang River era, Hangzhou in the green mountains and rivers create jinshanyinshan between the myth of wealth. Today, Hangzhou has stood on a new historical starting point, is gradually becoming an international influence, the country’s leading edge of the wealth management center and private equity fund innovation city.

settled in Zhejiang is the best choice for

meeting, vice governor Zhu Congjiu pointed out that private equity fund is the best choice to settle in Zhejiang. A year ago, the Jade Emperor to Greenwich Shannan fund town as the benchmark, according to the foreign financial accumulation mode, attracted a large number of strong international visibility and influence of the industry of private financial institutions settled, with industry and economy showing the explosive growth, has accumulated in included over 1010 financial institutions and information management scale reached 580 billion yuan, the tax of 10.1 billion yuan, an increase of about 200%; as of October, the town to invest in the real economy has reached 160 billion yuan, 759 projects, to support the 79 companies listed on the real economy mount "accelerator".

The prefix

5 project landing

from 2004 the first private sun products issue, Shenzhen small and medium-sized market establishment, opened a private equity and private equity (VC/PE) market precedent; by the end of September 2016, Chinese fund industry association registered private equity fund managers 17710, 41230 private equity fund for the record, paid 8 trillion and 570 billion yuan scale…… Private equity fund industry from the bud, rooting, and ultimately to the sun, legalization, multi-level capital market has become an important part of.

2016 capital market waves constantly, the private equity industry faces numerous challenges; at the same time, the pilot of private equity fund investment loan linkage, a new deal, the new board of innovation…… The deepening of financial reform and will enhance the role of private equity funds to a new war recommended

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