n 2012 to open the Taobao store and development prospects

With the rapid development of

, e-commerce has become a new development project! I am a Taobao mother, the birth of a child has been brought to the present, the child is now 2 years old a little relaxed, with a little extra time to start their own business. At present, Taobao opened a shop selling women’s clothing, but also bought a special camera and background cloth used to shoot clothing styles, the main source of supply from the local brand clothing wholesale market.

1, how to set up shop on taobao.com: browse some others store, do you want to see how the family product placement, how decoration stores, how to price, how to do promotion. In addition to enter the Amoy Lake; learn to learn from other people’s experience, to understand how to improve the store’s views, including doing promotions, positioning unique products, train, spike, buy, etc..

2, what products to sell: how to position their products is very important; one is to learn around the existing resources, there a lot of things, including how to take pictures, how to do, how to edit, how to upload and so on, another side is not readily available resources, to find the distribution on Taobao. It is your little There are both advantages and disadvantages.; the supply problem, and the problem of image processing, the distribution data packet now directly to you upload, the disadvantage is many similar products, we enter a title, found that many people are selling the same product photos, describe what are the same great homogeneity; at this time, you really will fight marketing technology.

3, need to be patient: you need a strong endurance to do Taobao, always at the computer, often cannot do without people, my wife of Taobao, is selling large size women. Sometimes friends come over, go out to play together, come back and found a lot of people in question. But because there is no timely response to others, resulting in the loss of customers, the distressed ah, can not say.

4, with Taobao marketing skills: to keep pace with the times; they continue to study the new marketing mode; for example, said before the train, seckill, group purchase. As well as their own store products with seasonal adjustments to do some of the corresponding price, gifts, mail related activities.


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