During the spring of Shenzhen railway transportation to new heights

with the spring festival gradually ended, people return to their jobs, during the Spring Festival, people go home tools in addition to aircraft, automobile, railway transportation itself should not be underestimated, 2016 Spring Festival, Shenzhen city trains a day can carry many passengers? In this regard, we look at the following text analysis.

during the Spring Festival, the spring city municipal government established a special joint conference system for City Transportation Commission, the Public Security Bureau, the district government, the Guangzhou Shenzhen railway company and other 48 relevant units and the Spring Festival Office (located at the Municipal Transportation Commission), the leadership of the organization responsible for the city’s Spring Festival, according to "the unified command, responsible and special fenpianbaogan, responsibility to the people" principle, the establishment of 10 large area group, focus on strengthening the organization and coordination of the ShenZhen Railway Station, Shenzhen north station, Shenzhen bus station 20 key station spring work, and in the major passenger station in the station management implementation. City Office issued the "Spring Festival Spring 2017 Shenzhen city emergency plan emergency security work plan", the district government in the ShenZhen Railway Station and other 15 major passenger stations set up around the 58 extension waiting by the emergency. Every day through the TV screen scrolling, website column, WeChat etc., in a timely manner to the public release of the spring operation, trains and flights to other travel information.

Spring Festival holiday Shenzhen bus passengers over 14 million

During the Spring Festival holiday

, whether it is the Lunar New Year botanical garden, Lantau Peak scenic area, as well as the holiday window of the world, fifth, sixth or Binhai park; back deep traffic surge, the ShenZhen Railway Station, the train station, Shenzhen north station is a key security area bus, subway, taxi service, bus service pressure increased sharply. In terms of public transportation security measures during the Spring Festival, a total of 47 bus lines provide delay service, also opened a 4 spring line and 3 night bus station line, bus and highway, railway, civil aviation, water transport connection; during the Spring Festival holiday, the city bus sent Banda 702 thousand and 300 flights, passengers were transported 14 million 512 thousand and 200 passengers, on-site duty personnel amounted to 4357 passengers, also opened 7 temporary lines connected to the botanical gardens and other tourist attractions of the.

Chinese have a habit of money, home, home means people back to the original dream place to start, at home in the process, nature is little not transport, every day will train people home in Shenzhen City, the Spring Festival is everything in good order and well arranged travel to people, bring a a secure and trust.

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