5 17 Sichuan science and technology innovation and entrepreneurship comprehensive service platform f

with Internet plus era, we also ushered in an era of big data, Sichuan province according to the development characteristics of the times, to create a comprehensive service platform for science and technology innovation, which has practical significance?

5 17, Sichuan science and technology innovation and entrepreneurship comprehensive service platform formally launched. Big data, cloud computing, based on Internet technology, the platform to build a complete province science and technology information resources in the data center, polymerization of the literature resources of various types of science and technology information about 400 million scientific and technological achievements, technology and project information about 100 thousand, there are about 200 thousand technical personnel information, the future will take the innovative elements, sharing and innovation resources, optimize the allocation of resources.


platform not only provides a one-stop search, intelligent matching, precise push and other information, but also all kinds of information, such as policy, capital and other venues, label cleaning according to the characteristic that users quick access to information." Platform related person in charge.

is not only a large data center, the platform is based on Internet plus social business, public record space mode, build "online technology market". It has a collection of more than 1500 scientific and technological services, including business incubators, science and technology finance, science and technology consulting, research and development and other eight areas of science and technology services resources, integration of more than 5000 service projects. At the same time, a variety of online consulting, booking services, online orders, docking matching, so that innovation and entrepreneurship and service organizations are the main supply and demand docking services, through service innovation and Entrepreneurship of our province as the "last one kilometer".


platform launched after the release of the 10 selected major scientific and technological achievements transformation in Sichuan province by project roadshow, resorted to their exhaust all the skills. Among them, an entrepreneurial team of robot security attracted numerous eyeballs.

in the community, order maintenance, security management and even your package storage, can be completed by the robot? In the project roadshow link, Chengdu enterprise research and development of a behavior recognition robot, may be able to make this vision into reality.

founder Xiong Xiaoli introduction, R & D team will be the core algorithm based on 3D behavior recognition engine, three dimensional reduction using the principle of geometric algorithms and machine learning, implementation of behavior recognition robot.

"The current

technology is only through the naked eye photos of suspicious molecules are compared, the precision is not high, and the machine can use the full three-dimensional model data analysis on the suspects, even can be accurate to the eyes of the distance."

read this information, I believe you have the practical significance of the scientific and technological innovation and entrepreneurship service platform has been clear to the heart. With the continuous development of science and technology in the future, we will have more scientific and technological achievements in front of everyone recommended

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