How to control the operating costs at the grocery store

China delicacy project, take food has been all the more love the snack brand in Chinese dishes have to take whatever everyone liking a inextricably involved. Take food can be tall on the chain stores, can also be a civilian Street delicacy, if you have a family to take food stores or you want to open a store to take food so you must learn some techniques, otherwise, it is difficult to live long and prosperous. Here is a small series for everyone to share about the food to join the operating skills, hoping to help you solve some problems.

How to take

stores operating cost control

each have dining experience know that the restaurant business, the main is to do repeat business, gold silver cup as the customer’s reputation, a restaurant with customers a good reputation, the business will be good, in the restaurant business, if you do not pay attention to the customer management and service, will make the restaurant service decline, innovation ability decrease, bring opportunities to competitors.

old customer, also known as the right customer, refers to the customer who can bring profit to the operator. The right customers can make their stores operating cost is greatly reduced, the general customers regularly to the store consumption, and will help you shop for positive publicity, to a certain extent in store for you to save marketing costs; when you store the introduction of new products, old customers will first try to to convince your cost is reduced, compared with the new and old customers for the customer, customer service and technical support service cost and lower cost.

1, first of all, take food stores to continuous innovation, the introduction of new dishes, let customers have enough choices, "is for him not to eat greasy in short". But also pay attention to product quality, quality customer satisfaction is the most direct reaction of the dishes, dishes of good quality, good taste of the pot to retain customers heart.

2, second, managers should take the initiative to accept customer complaints and make a positive response. According to statistics, dissatisfied customers will complain to 11 people, and get a satisfactory response to the customer, then there will be a repeat of the 95%.

3, in addition to the establishment of the corresponding customer recommendation mechanism and the new and old customer satisfaction tracking survey, for the loss of customers, you must carry out the loss analysis, find the root of the problem.

4, managers should pay attention to customers, communicate with customers, cultivate feelings, and customers become friends, playing emotional card, this is one of the ways to retain customers.

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