He Erxi Korean cuisine can give investors what support

he Erxi Korean project

"new Erxi" is the name of the "Healthy" transliteration, meaning is the nutrition and health, standardized product introduction to Korean catering Chinese, let every customer to celebrate this wonderful, happy life together. He Erxi Korean cuisine through three years of operation and improvement, with stores, shops, a town south of China World Trade Center three Shenzhen outlets, customers have praised the "new Erxi" Korean cuisine, pure taste, color, aroma and taste of Korean cuisine is the top grade, he Erxi Korean cuisine became Shenzhen’s most one of the popular catering enterprises.

he Erxi Korean cuisine provides a healthy nutrition consumption concept, with the chain line, let the Korean and Korean culture to thousands of households, the further introduction of Chinese. He Erxi Korean cuisine to barbecue primarily originated in South Korea’s northeast, the wind MI in Japan and Europe, Northeast China first introduced and deep love eaters.

he Erxi Korean cuisine in order to further development, will strive to related product diversification, the implementation of brand management, large-scale expansion and franchise stores. He Erxi Korean cuisine is always to spread the idea of eating healthy and happy, China eventually become well-known restaurant brands and influential catering enterprises as the goal! He Erxi Korean cuisine has a group of skilled staff and team, based on learning from the traditional production process, the experience of South Korea’s culture and its mode of operation and management, build the China Korean fast food products.

he Erxi Korean cuisine to join

1 management support

personnel management, training management, employee motivation, administrative management, report management, accounting, business analysis, risk management, marketing management, PR shop operation management, operation management, retail outlets performance management assessment, warehouse management, procurement management, inventory management and other operations;

2 marketing support

brand image, corporate culture support, advertising support, promotion of public relations activities support, information systems support, marketing support, etc.;

3 training support

product knowledge, management, human resources, sales skills, customer service, customer satisfaction, promotion and activities, customer management, etc.;

4 information network support

national network distribution network, the national network collaboration platform, enterprise portal promotion.

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