How to make a downturn in nternet cafes

Although each individual

venture capital, looking for is their own business can get fast development, do not want business into a downturn, however, in the actual operation process of business, into a lot of business or the inevitable downturn. Internet cafes do business, what is most afraid of! I’m afraid there’s no customers! Don’t worry, these look Xiaobian recommend practices to ensure that your Internet customers door, let you not by the concerns of the customer into the customer has no machine too much distress!

a big play experience card

to some new Internet cafes, general customers will be less, and generally speaking, the new Internet cafes machine configuration, the environment is better. For this type of Internet, we can cooperate with the 9 dimensional network system will be the ultimate experience this unique brand to maximize. Each machine with a "boot speed faster than Liu Xiang!" The temptation of the label, so that the user will pay special attention to the Internet, want to experience this experience in the end how fast. This attracted the user, generally not only 30 minutes on the line, plus the machine configuration is very good, the environment is also very good, naturally left a deep impression on the Internet, when the Internet will can’t help to choose here.

two, free delivery

generally speaking, a lot of users accustomed to noon, evening or night a long time in the Internet cafes, so that eating has become a problem, do not want to leave. This time, we can launch Internet free delivery service. Cooperation and some fast food restaurant nearby, they provide cheap packages to meet the needs of everyone. Someone may say, this is purely to make an unnecessary move. Fast food users can call their own reservations, why do you want to provide such services!

note that our key here is "free", we see free will want to try, because we are near and fast in speed and cooperation, so the advantage, coupled with our "centralized procurement", in terms of price and quality of food and the advantage, so that for Internet users to bring tangible benefits than what is! This value-added services for operators, although there is no profit, but to know that this approach for you to win the user’s reputation, that is, access to more customers!

three, zero profit card sales

in the Internet bar to play, in addition to the Internet, many of which are playing the game, it will need to buy cards. So we can sell some of the old customers zero profit, and then spread to their friends around them, in order to bring more new users.

on the other hand, for some of the new promotion of the game is even more so. For the new tour >

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