Dicos brand strategy layout

in the catering industry after the people know in the catering sector once had a brand event that has been the main line of the city’s two or three Dicos will combine their advantages at present product management and franchise management has returned to first-tier cities within this year. The industry believes that Dicos’s roots in the two or three line of the city for many years, has accumulated some experience in operations, but the return first-tier cities will continue to face considerable pressure.

Dicos staged rural encircling the city

2013, Dicos Shanghai Jiangning Road shop opened

back to the first tier cities

Shao Xinmou said, "Dicos has opened the door store in Beijing and Shanghai, also from the city exit. But in recent years Dicos appears in store performance first-tier cities have, in terms of products Dicos has won the recognition of consumers, thereby allowing franchisees also see the potential future of Dicos, so Dicos choose to return to the first-tier cities at this time".

Shao Xinmou believes that Dicos has accumulated some operational experience in the years of operation, the return to first-tier cities, Dicos will focus on their own core spindle crisp chicken, and around its constantly enrich and adjust their product structure, give consumers a Dicos core product memory, thus enhancing the consumer of Dicos brand stickiness itself.

in the first-tier cities the store location, Dicos stores are generally distributed in the train station, bus station, airport, was known as the "rail machine shop, and the number of community and business district is one of the few stores. Shao Xinmou said that Dicos had entered the first-tier cities indeed encountered many problems, in addition to the site, in terms of products has not been able to focus, so Dicos’s return to the first-tier cities, do not regard themselves as "one of the other Western fast-food brands", but more focused on their products, so that consumers not only recognized Dicos crisp fried chicken, also let franchisees see Dicos’s ability to survive.

has repeatedly entered the North Canton

Beijing Daily reporter learned that, in 1996, the acquisition of Tinghsin International Group has entered the China first-tier cities market fast food brand "de Ke Shi", and renamed "Dicos", re positioning, so from the beginning of 1997, Dicos withdrew from Beijing City, vigorously develop the two or three line of the city. But in 2011, Dicos once again in the tentative first-tier cities layout, this year Dicos Beijing Fuchengmen opened, and hit the "comfort food" concept, emphasizing the health, comfort, the entire store decoration is highlighted in green, the recipe is better than McDonald’s and KFC more vegetables, and there is now.

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