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breast also lonely

can not wait to come if the egg sperm fit, 9-10 days after ovulation, corpus luteum begins to degenerate, atrophy, estrogen and progesterone levels will decline rapidly to the lowest level, loss of estrogen and progesterone, breast development stops, restitution.

sometimes will affect the fluctuation of estrogen and progesterone secretion of normal breast skin sebaceous glands, the skin around the nipple and no sebum moisture, becomes dry, itchy. As soon as the big aunt comes, the sebaceous gland can restore the work, this symptom also relieved, before that person was artificially strengthened the moisture and the moisture.

hormone imbalance, hyperplasia of mammary glands

The etiology of

is not clear, but it is generally believed that the disease is caused by multiple factors. If the female endocrine system is not strong, but also by the environment, diet

ovulation (menstruation to the first 2 weeks or so) the peak of estrogen secretion, progesterone secretion is also slowly increasing. When the egg is released, the level of estrogen is temporarily reduced. However, in the 1-2 days after ovulation, the corpus luteum (the follicle that produces the egg) begins to secrete estrogen and secretes a large amount of progesterone. Estrogen can promote the development of breast duct, and progesterone on the basis of estrogen to further promote the development of the breast, to prepare for a new life. Breast development, plus estrogen caused water and sodium stranded in our body (before menstruation some body edema, is also in trouble, breast natural estrogen) than would a little (sensitive women may also feel pain).

menstruation is a lonely product, in fact, the breast is lonely. Female students are aware of the big aunt report before you have to want to be comfortable bra cup rise, because the breast grow up a bit. In fact, this is the female progesterone is helping your breasts to prepare for pregnancy.

is now 80% of the women in society with different degrees of breast hyperplasia, breast hyperplasia which has been common to any topic chat can become a group of female. If the female "today it’s a nice day" with the words "Oh, the guy who, you have breast hyperplasia?" There was also a heated discussion.

as long as the menstrual period before breast swelling, pain, it seems to be defined as hyperplasia of mammary glands. As a matter of fact, a simple breast swelling and pain may just be your body preparing for a possible fertilized egg. Only those who have pain, and even some hard swelling may be breast hyperplasia.

in addition to periodic swelling before and after menstruation of the breast, and some female students wearing bra as torture, the pain will radiate to the axilla, shoulder and back, sometimes even breast lumps. This is not a lonely performance of the breast, and may be breast hyperplasia to find trouble.

so, aunt report before the breast swelling, mild pain, dry itchy nipples, are just a small body expressed desire to nurture new life, rather than breast hyperplasia.

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