The top 10 Secrets of Rural Entrepreneurship

in recent years, many migrant workers, migrant workers, migrant workers, however, is not the long term, many migrant workers returning home for business friends have dreams. With the rapid development of the country for rural cities, and now many farmers have chosen to start their own businesses, so how to get rich quickly in rural entrepreneurship? Xiaobian to introduce 10 tips:

in recent years some research experts pointed out that the problem of the rural economy, on how to make farmers as soon as possible on the road to prosperity problems, increasing peasants are mainly in the following ten ways "".

1, take the road of efficient agriculture. To accelerate the transformation of agricultural scientific research, the promotion of good breeding method, promote agricultural products of high quality, high yield and high efficiency, improve the operating efficiency of agricultural production.

2, take the road of stock cooperation. The joint-stock cooperative system is introduced into the township enterprises and the development of resources, to promote the rational flow and allocation of resources, labor, capital, technology, increase the vitality of enterprises, improve economic efficiency.

3, product marketing road. The team set up and expand the farmers, long staple agricultural products of grain, livestock, fruit, herbs and so on trafficking, and promote product sales, improve the economic income.

4, take the road of development of traffic. Through the transformation of trunk line, new economic road, on the broken road, to guide farmers on the roadside building business enterprises, engaged in the two or three industry, realize the way through a rich, a.

5, walk the road of value-added processing. Focus on agricultural resources, relying on the rural specialized households, private enterprises and township enterprises, agricultural and sideline products and a series of development of deep processing and fine processing, improve the benefit of agricultural products.

6, take the road of regional economy. According to the regional characteristics and needs, focus on the development of food industry or products, and strive to form a "one village one industry, one village one product" regional economic structure.

7, take the road of typical guide. In rural areas to support and cultivate a variety of rich typical, play its exemplary role in leading farmers to take the road of common prosperity.

8, take the road of garden development. The garden, small garden, orchard, small to small ponds, small poultry farms, small workshops of the "five small" construction, vigorously develop courtyard economy.

9, the path of labor output. Organize the rural surplus labor force to carry out the quantitative order, batch transfer, increase farmers’ income.

10, take the road of diversified business. Facing the market, based on the advantages, vigorously develop pigs, cattle, sheep, rabbits, chickens, fish, fruit, medicine, vegetables and other key species, the formation of scale, improve the product rate and market share.

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