Note the analysis of franchise investment in early childhood

now the whole domestic education market development, which is an important part of early childhood education, early childhood education industry is now very popular, the need to pay attention to what the problem of business? Today to talk to you about the early to join the investment to pay attention to what.

curriculum training according to the characteristics of children with brain development in each stage, follow the law of brain development, seize the key time for brain development, provide environmental conditions to develop their intellectual potential, not only to pay attention to the development of children’s intelligence, stimulus evoked, and visual culture, the development of children’s good behavior and moral personality.

Second, step by step curriculum development center.

Third, set Qinziyuan join the organization course, and whether students.

Fourth, whether to avoid excessive education. One of the most harmful ways to educate children is over education.

In fact, in the early


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