Open a good stationery store source to fine

because the entire stationery market is very large, so many investors will choose to open a shop. However, due to the operation of many people, leading to the industry’s competition is more and more intense, if you want to open a good nature also need to pay attention to more skills. Here, Xiao Bian stressed that if you want to open a good stationery store, you need to pay more attention to the supply side.

a stationery shop to survive, goods is the most important, it determines the shop’s death, if the distribution of goods is not suitable for the values of the target consumer demand, shop location is good, the promotion method of fancy, business is not good.

at present, consumer purchase of stationery is still in function oriented stage, students and office workers are the main consumer groups, they are generally very picky, the quality of the goods and styles of purchase, so, under the premise of ensuring style, but also to the quality win. Stationery is easy to consume because of the daily necessities, for consumers, every day to use, if the quality is not pass, will have a great impact on work and study.

as a stationery store owner, Li Xiaoxi in the purchase, in order to ensure the quality of goods. He first went to the market to the manufacturers to collect stationery samples, and then carries on the analysis, comparison and classification of these samples, determined to "some well-known stationery outside the single processing enterprises" purchase channels, the company perennial in single processing, update the products of good quality, strong ability of research and development, product fast.


stationery shop" in retail, students are the main customers, because of the students’ active thinking, strong curiosity and accept new things quickly, and the use of stationery in high frequency, generally follow the latest styles and best quality. Only the combination of the two is the best-selling stationery. So he went to the field every week to purchase, to ensure that the new weekly available. Like a pen with a style of more than 200 kinds.

Li Xiaoxi believes that stationery business, there is often a mistake early entrants, to improve the quality of the goods you have to choose the brand. Brand quality is good, the profit is high, but the price is expensive, not suitable for the general public. The stationery store to the brand and brand-name combination, Hodge has many styles, novel, optional, is the quality can not be fully guaranteed. But with the development of social economy, the quality is not inferior, especially the Yiwu goods, the brand is also evolved from hodge.


brand and brand-name combination, not only selective for customers is relatively large, stationery purchase channels is much wider, you can directly on the wholesale market to buy, that is a little bit tired, but the choice of many. In addition to the wholesale market can go around, it is best to directly contact trading companies or manufacturers, because the wholesale market price may be relatively high, if there is a more direct purchase channels

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