Venture investment in real estate is still hot market All flowers bloom together

has the potential to entrepreneurs who are looking for good business projects, for the life of dynamic billionaires is concerned, is also concerned about hot investment in the field of high degree, it is necessary to understand the business area of indonesia.

"billionaire 1/3 time on the trip on the road, the average monthly 9.2 days. The average working hours of 6.6 hours sleep, sleep on weekends for 7.2 hours. 3 into the billionaire working days less than 6 hours of sleep." The Hurun Research Institute in Shanghai recently released "2013 – China is superior to millionaires brands tend to report", the Hurun Research Institute released the report ninth times.

surveyed the crowd

millionaires, the average age of only 38 years

happiness index


survey project

collection: watch in the first place, the calligraphy and painting

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