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second, can damage the liver and kidney.

breast development is the embodiment of female secondary sexual characteristics, it is a symbol of female curves, because breast human pride in the most conspicuous place, also laid its pivotal position in the female curve.

due to the presence of side effects, some patients suffering from liver, kidney disease, caution, pregnant women with a family history of breast cancer or a history of breast cancer were banned, even under the guidance of a doctor, use it to stimulate breast development, is also limited to ovarian failure or dysfunction, non menstruating women, but still need to take greater the risk. For a long time with diethylstilbestrol, exactly what harm?

girls from the age of 12 about puberty, due to endocrine hormone stimulation, breast development began to lose, and milk with the acinar duct hyperplasia, 16 years after 25 years development of stereotypes, generally no longer increases breast maturity, its size and shape often vary from person to person. The size of the breast is mainly determined by the content of fat, thin body of the chest is relatively flat, while obese people more plump breasts, the shape of the breast pear shaped, discoid. Having a hemispherical or conical shape. Some of the beauty of young girls and women eager, often for their own small breast. Not tall and plump, don’t worry, always trying to make up for this "congenitally deficient".

in this sense, women, especially young women (women’s food) eager to have a healthy breast, is understandable. However, if the pursuit of breast fullness and then use unscrupulous divisive tactics and reckless, may even The loss outweighs the gain. is very dangerous…… In terms of physiological function, the breast is the first organ. The main structure of the breast is the mammary ducts and lobules, and the same amount of fat and fibrous tissue.

the United States has conducted a survey of more than 300 infertility patients, the main reason for their infertility is sub

third, if taken during pregnancy, can cause fetal malformations, such as male and female, appearance of hypospadias, epididymis, testis and sperm abnormalities, even cause hydrocephalus. Meningocele.

fifth, which can promote bile cholesterol saturation and the formation of stones, and can induce pancreatitis and thromboembolic disease.

fourth can significantly increase the incidence of asthma.

first, can cause endometrial hyperplasia, leading to increased menstrual volume.

so, some beauty salons will match up, "borrow medicine breast" also came into being. The so-called "big medicine", is actually such as estrogen diethylstilbestrol. A large number of abuse of estrogen, hidden many hidden dangers, and sometimes lead to serious consequences, and even life-threatening. Take the diethylstilbestrol, it is a synthetic estrogen effect is quite strong, since its inception in 1940s, mainly for the treatment of ovarian dysfunction, amenorrhea, uterine hypoplasia, dysfunctional uterine bleeding, menopausal syndrome, abnormal senile vaginitis and pituitary function disease.

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